The Guardian’s Post-Truth Palm Oil Campaign

December 8, 2016

The Guardian Newspaper – which has often aligned itself with fashionable causes – has taken on a new battle: African palm oil. At the end of November, the newspaper convened an event on African palm oil that asked the question “Can we avoid the mistakes of the past?” The ‘mistakes’ that the Guardian is referring to […]

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The Money Trail of Anti-Palm Oil Groups

November 16, 2016

US charitable foundations are the wealthiest in the world. They are responsible for handing out billions of dollars in grants to other non-profits and NGOs. Foundations aren’t like governments or aid organisations. There are no clear rules to follow. There’s no accountability. They can be driven by the whims of whoever is in charge of […]

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Oxfam: Lauding Dutch Corporations, Kicking Small Farmers

October 11, 2016

Global NGO Oxfam positions itself as an advocate for the world’s poor. It has, throughout its history, placed itself on the side of the world’s impoverished, and more recently on the side of the world’s poor farmers. Their latest report, however, makes a mockery of that positioning. What it ends up doing is supporting the […]

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Can Conservation Aid Make Deforestation Worse?

September 28, 2016

A recent study by scholars at the University of Illinois sets out to answer this question in an African context. Their answer is yes – at least in the short term. The establishment of a national park or conservation area in one place can lead to deforestation in another. It’s counterintuitive in many ways, but […]

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